Jamaica Plain Youth Soccer provides a safe and sportsmanlike atmosphere for the youth of Jamaica Plain, Roslindale and surrounding Boston neighborhoods.
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Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the soccer players in Jamaica Plain. Without you our community life would be poorer.
Communicating with the Referee Assignor
When you email me to tell me about needing to reschedule a game, please include your team name, age, sex, and original game date in the subject line. Like this:
JPYS U10G Bobcats 4/25

The master field schedule is on the JPYS web site (Master Field Schedule in the Fields menu) or here: http://goo.gl/Nacb3  If you need to move a game, look there to see what is available.

Bad Weather

All our games are played on turf fields. The only reason to cancel a game before it starts is snow on the field. The only people who can cancel games before the scheduled kickoff time are the Field Scheduler (Dick Williams) and the JPYS Officers. (Jon Rudzinski and Ben Madden). The ony people who can abandon a game once it has started is the referee.

Game Cancelation

If you cancel a game before Thursday 6pm you must email the Referee Assignor (Dick Williams).

If you cancel a game between Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 6pm you must call the assignor and speak to him. Email and text are insufficient. Voice mail is insufficient. If referees show up for a game that you canceled the club has to pay them.

If you cancel a game after 6pm on Friday you must call the assignor and all referees and speak to them, telling them the game is canceled.

Day of the Game

If your referee is not at the field 20 minutes before the game please send me a text. Don't call - I am likely on a field myself and I will not have time to listen to voice mail. If s/he shows up text again. U10 games at 1:00 will often be refereed by someone doing the 11:45 U14G game, so ask them before contacting me. I will do my best to get someone there.

Please provide feedback on your referees, home and away. I need to know if someone is missing something.  Log into your BAYS account and there will be a referee feedback link on the left menu.

Memorial Day Weekend / Columbus Day Weekend.

Please reach out to your opponent BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS to confirm that you both will have enough players for a game. You are supposed to get this nailed down by the end of the April or middle of September. I need to know if I have to arrange referees that weekend. Invariably, as we get closer to the date games drop. Do it early. If you're not sure, take the holiday weekend off and prepone the game.